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Full Compensation

Guaranteed to always play with a working cheat for the full extent of your subscription. In case a cheat needs updating (e.g. a game patch), you will not lose a single hour of your subscription time!

Truly Undetected

We can proudly say we have one of (if not) the most safe cheating platform (even including private cheat providers). We have stayed undetected for literally years on the most hard to cheat games running EAC and BattlEye.

Unique Technology

Our way of defeating the anti-cheats is one of a kind in the cheating industry. You will not find this kind of technology elsewhere. It is the reason why we beat even private cheat providers in terms of security.

Frequent Updates

On a daily basis we work on updates for our cheats, our infrastructure and all the other key parts of our system too always stay ahead.

Dedicated Support

We believe that the only way to success is to give our customers the best support. That's why we have a 24/7 live chat service for all your questions!

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