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Become a Verified customer (access to private cheats, Rust PRO etc.)

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What does it mean to become Verified and get access to Rust PRO?
First of all, Verified customers are part of our private community. They have access to our private loader and are generally better protected than our regular customers. So you may skip a ban-wave this way. Being verified isn't just for the Rust cheat, being verified gives you access to our most exclusive work and exploits!

We are proud to present you the Rust cheat that will change your overall cheating experience. More features, more fun, but more responsibility! Rust PRO is our pinnacle of products and we are really proud to offer it to you guys!


Why do we have an application process and how can I Improve my chances?

  • We want trusted and devoted users. Ensure you give time and love to your applications!
  • Some of the features we offer are extremely powerful. The gaming experience of others can easily be ruined, thus we will limit accessibility.
  • You can refer other people to our site through your personal referral link, the more you can help us, the more probable we will help you in return with Rust PRO access! (your referral link can be fount at https://ring-1.io/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=rsystem)
  • We are capped at 20 slots for Rust PRO! Once invited, you secured your slot as long as you have an active subscription, once your sub expires another verified user can claim your slot.

Requirements before making an application!

  • You need to be a Customer on this site! (you can purchase one of our cheats here: https://ring-1.io/forum/store/)
  • You need to be 18+ (we want our private community to be mature)
  • And as mentioned below, you have to be an active member of this community. We want the nicest people!

Keep in mind that we do not expect from you to become a slave of any kind. Yes, we want active people, but this does not mean we pick people who only slave around 24/7 on this site helping others. We just want solid, genuine kind people.

How to open an application?

  1. Copy and paste the application form below.
  2. Open a thread with your name in the thread title here: https://ring-1.io/forum/17-post-your-application-here/
  3. Fill in the questions, please make sure to take your time, IF you are declined, you have to wait 7 days to re-apply!
  4. Allow us up to 72 hours to review your application.



  • Who are you? Sell yourself to us as a person! (Name / Age / Field of work / Country / Etc...)
  • List all the cheat providers you used in the past (or are currently using). Describe your experience with them.
  • Have you been involved in other communities? (Supporting, selling, creating videos, etc...)
  • What are your expectations from us, as the service provider?
  • Who told you about us? Who vouched for you?
  • Breaking any of the rules will get you permanently banned. Do you agree?
  • Please name your processor below. (i.e. i7-9700K)
  • Post a picture of your government issued form of identification (must include a picture of yourself, you are free to blur out your document numbers to prevent risk of ID theft). Afterwards go to this site and open your user profile page, hold your ID right next to your face and take a selfie (make sure we can clearly see your user profile on your computer screen as well). You may blur the information, keep the name/date of birth visible so we know it is you. (Note: Only admins will be able to see this information)
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