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Application Form: https://ring-1.io/forum/forum/17-post-your-application-here/

Application requirements

• You need to be an active customer
• You have to be aged 18 or above
• General PC knowledge
• Clean R1 profile record

• Who are you? Sell yourself to us as a person! (Name / Age / Field of work / Country / Etc...)
• How long have you been in the cheating community?
• Have you been involved in other communities? Which?
• Your level of knowledge with our products
• How did you find Ring-1 and how long have you been with us?
• Which of our products do you use the most? Why?
• Optional: Who is your favourite staff member?

• Government issued ID required
In one photograph, please hold up your government issued ID document next to your face while also showing your computer monitor at your Ring1 profile page. (it's important your face, your ID and your profile name on your monitor is visible. Please blur out any numbers on your ID to prevent ID theft.)

NOTE1: We require a professional approach to each and every customer no matter the attitude. This is very important, failing to be respectful to our customers will result in an immediate ban. 

NOTE2: Please understand that we do NOT expect 24/7 activity. We do however have a minimum amount set in which all support members must follow. It's important that you acknowledge this as you will be kicked immediately if your levels drop below what's required.

Failing to follow the template above will automatically dismiss your application

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