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Ring-1 EFT Review

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I will be giving my review based on a few category's as this makes it much easier to read

Menu 9/10  :

The menu is extremely user friendly and could honestly be used by someone who has never cheated before or is very new,  its also very visually pleasing unlike most other options that look half ass made tbh.

Visuals 7/10  :

The visuals are also pretty well done but its not without its issues, the bones change color when someone is visible i often see this bugging out or not working in some cases however sometimes its perfectly fine. As for the player information on the esp it gets the job done but definitely could be better, if there are groups of people within 15-20 meters of each other the info on players can be almost impossible to read due to it overlapping. i have never had this affect me beyond a little annoyance. Overall again ring-1 is better than 95% of other options even with these downsides

Aimbot 10/10

The silent aim / aimbot is pretty much perfect i have zero complaints about this section 

Misc features 8/10 :

Ring-1 does have many good misc features however it is lacking in some areas that may be important to some people such as magic bullet or door unlocker.

Support 10/10 :

The staff get back to you pretty much as soon as they can and are all very nice and helpful even to new users

Overall 9/10 :

This cheat is basically perfect if you wanna legit cheat but may be weak in some areas for carrys / full rage as door unlocker is pretty important, i have been full rageing for 9 days so far and have not had any bans (take this as you wish, i am in no way saying that this will also be your experience)

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Thank you for the review; however in your misc features review; you can't really deduct points for those because there is no such thing as magic bullet in EFT, nor is there a door unlocker anymore.

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