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Destiny 2 PRO added and price reduction!

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We have added our PRO version for Destiny 2 with very cool exploits! Such as unlimited super ability (works for all skills), rate of fire modifier, no recoil etc. (check the product page for the full list of features).

But that is not all! We also reduced the overall pricing of our Destiny 2 cheats. Our regular cheat is reduced from 100 EUR/month to just 60 EUR/month. And our Destiny 2 PRO sells for just 120 EUR/month!


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1 hour ago, Rare said:

I just bought the normal one for $100 a month, is there any way I could upgrade to PRO and add in $20?

dealt with

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On 4/11/2021 at 1:54 AM, MottekeSF said:

Where did the Pro version go? I was about to resub

It's still available mate.

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i dont find regular edition for 60euro month in store anymore is it removed?

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