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Ring-1 Dayz/EFT AMAZING!

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Hey beautiful people!

Been using ring-1 for a couple months now and its honestly the best gaming chair I've ever purchased! 😄

The Ring-1 Dayz has everything you need for a dayz cheese. The aimbot works great, the esp is bloody amazing and its just hella fun to d*ck on people XD ( I do keep my plays looking kinda legit)

The Ring-1 EFT I've been using now for a week, I do rage a little bit here and there on EFT. Aimbot works perfectly and the esp does its job! But because of EFTs aiming/scope mechanics its a little confusing at times! ( i just dont play with player skeletons on, its too confusing xD)

All in all ring-1 is amazing and in the 2 months of using I've yet to recieve a ban! They had some detection issues with the spoofers here and there but the base cheat is still going strong! 😄

Love you guys at ring-1!

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Great review, I am thinking about getting DayZ ring1 tbh, good to see that its working well!

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