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How to purchase with Bitcoin (cheapest)

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The cheapest and fastest way to purchase is with Bitcoin. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet with sufficient funds, just go to the store (https://ring-1.io/store/) add the products you want to your cart and checkout by choosing the BTCPay method, as shown below:


How do I get Bitcoin?
The best way to get started with Bitcoin depends first on what you are going to use to buy Bitcoins with. Below we will list the easiest ways for each payment method. After you have chosen the best way for you to buy Bitcoins, you should set yourself up with your own Bitcoin wallet. Go to https://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet?step=1 and pick what fits best for you! Good luck!

https://cash.app/bitcoin (pretty much no fees, preferred method if you own a debitcard)

https://coinatmradar.com/ (very fast and easy way if you have one nearby)

https://www.litebit.eu/en/ (Up to €350/day with only phone verification!)

Creditcard and many more supported methods (requires ID verification and thus is slower)

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