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Hello my name is Matt, I’m 19 and I’ve been around the cheating community since I was 12. I was introduced to Ring-1 by my little brother, at that time I was using a hack for Rust from a different provider, that won’t be named. Unfortunately I'm assuming the cheat got discontinued, it’s been 2 months since they’ve been delaying the update. After 3 days of using my previous provider and wasting $60. I was pissed off that I got ripped off, I wanted to take my mind off about the situation so I purchased ring-1 for MW. I was surprised that it was so well designed for such a cheap price, like come on... $50 a month, I felt like hit the jackpot lol. After using up my whole subscription i felt satisfied with product and the money I put into it. I’ve befriended many cheaters during that time on MW, I knew this one guy that bought this over priced cheat that would cost him $80 FOR A MONTH w/o HWID spoofer. He told me the aim bot didn’t work, so he was basically paying $80 a month for an esp, I told him about the provider I was using and screen shared with him, how it worked and so on. anyways, here’s my review on MW and Dead by daylight.
- in depth customizable Aimbot for legit cheating
- Customizable esp to limit visuals on your screen
- Compatible with warzone
- Great hack for a cheap price
I was also top 10% in the world for HC S&D
-  Trigger bot didn't seem to work?
- Crashes often occur
Dead by daylight
- Esp is crisp and very customizable
- Features are so overpowered that you can’t lose a game with it
- Legit hacking is an option
- No loss of FPS
- Great hack for a cheap price
- Could have more features if possible


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You can't say you're in the top 10% when you only hacked and you are not a LEGIT player. So stop lying to yourself buddy, you're not good. You use cheats. Put the hacks down and 1v1, I'm sure ill nuke you any day. $50 is a good price, you're stupid if you think $50 is cheap. Maybe your other hacks were trash that's why you're thinking lie that. Idk maybe hackers are actually stupid??

Ur review is shit, no offensive. You give nothing for the team to build on other than one sentence. 


Why would you still hack games after 7 years? You'r 19....Get a job dude lmao. Make something outta your life other than ruin peoples games


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Posted (edited)

Clean the snot and tears off your keyboard buddy lmao. I also find it funny is that you give me problems for using cheats yet you “couldn’t wait to beam kids” on MW lol.

Edited by [email protected]

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Nice revieuw bro keep it up ! And let the kids cry cuz you cheat ! Cheating is the future


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