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Ring -1 Video Competition!

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Do you like Ring -1?

Do you want some FREE time to Ring -1?

If you answered yes to either one, then boy do I have an offer for you!

For a limited time, I will be hosting a competition to find the best video showing off Ring -1's power and ability to perform over other providers.

Here's what I need from you
1) A very handsome 2 minute video showing off Ring-1 and it's power to absolutely dominate! Please include attractive music for everyone.

2) Show off your ability to comfortably navigate the menu

3) A good intro including the easy access link to ring-1.io


What we are offering to the winner (Pick one)

30 days of Apex Legends

30 days of Destiny 2

7 days for Destiny PRO

30 days of Dead By Daylight

7 Days of Rust

30 days of PUBG

30 days of Deadside

30 days of Last Oasis

30 days of MW 2019

60 days of BF5


Please upload the video to youtube as UNLISTED, and please have the actual video file saved to send to us if you're picked as the winner.

Please post all of your submissions to this thread ONLY! The deadline is set to July 24th ( 3 weeks from now) And the winner will be selected and announced on the 25th! Remember we are looking for high quality videos showcasing Ring-1, good luck to ALL!

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