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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I bought an access key for a month, through a Russian guy, I bought everything well, gave me the key, entered the key in the loader, writes an error there because of the region. I'm from Germany, well, he said he spoke to someone from the team and showed me what yes it really was, said -Pay just a little more there was needed and they will give you a global key, paid extra, he claims that he threw the money to someone of yours, but there are no actions, 4 days already. exactly wrote to Berserk
  2. I've used Ring-1, many times, on many different games. One thing I seem to notice is during high cpu/gpu usage, audio will cut and you will no longer be able to hear or speak in discord until you rejoin the call. Anyone know a fix?
  3. Hi, I was looking at your PUBG cheat and wanted to know if currently UD and working. Also i see that only Intel CPU's ís supported, i got a i7-4700k will that work? Also I'm on Win 10 20H2 is that supported? Hoping to hear from you guys.
  4. Hi Team, Can someone listen to my plea and help me get a 24 hour code to test this cheat out? I will explain my case. I have purchased a 24 hour code from one of your resellers but after following the detailed guide i wasn't able to load the cheat. THe support person on the other end had a remote session with me, logged data and opened a request with your devs. The dev then connected to my PC and checked it out, he could not get why the loader would not launch and also descibed that the issue is that my machine is not even sending the request to your server. Th dev also suggeste
  5. I bought a cheat on R6s, played for 3 days, everything was fine, but often there was BSOD {1 screenshot}, it was very annoying, then Windows could not boot because it could not find the disk on which I have installed Windows {2 screenshot} , after I was able to boot all the same (changed the boot priority in BIOS, and then put it back as it was), I get this {3 screenshot}. How to fix it? After reboot shows this again ...
  6. if i sleect a cheat - select CC - and pay do i jsut get sent a link to the cheat? is there a lot more to is? i see threads about paying by posting in a thread- etc. just confused how the whole thing works can someone explain? thanks!
  7. Following the small update they put out this morning, the game is now consistently crashing back to desktop. I load into a game and only 5 minutes in, it crashes. The cheat worked perfectly last night. Just a heads up to anyone experiencing any difficulties. Both windows and my gpu drivers are up to date. Specs: I7-8750H GTX1060 6GB 256 GB m.2 SSD
  8. Hello, I've been looking at buying your apex legends cheat, but i have a few questions before i go ahead which i was hoping you fine people can help me find the answers to. 1.) When was Apex Legends last detected? (I know i can see the current status on the status page, but I'm wondering about the history) 2.) Does it support Windows 10 v2004? 3.) Can you enable visuals (ESP) to only show visible enemies? (To help with spotting) 4.) Does it have any special requirements? (USB, Virtualization, etc..)
  9. So I’m trying to buy a weeks worth of destiny 2 cheats and when I type in my card info to check out, it says my state is not supported. I’m literally right next to D.C. and it has every other state but mine. Any staff please help
  10. why does the cheats only support intel i have an amd and desperately want ring 1 destiny cheats but i was just confused about it
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