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Found 14 results

  1. will you add Silent Aim to Destiny2 ? Maybe i could give your team a demo
  2. Hi Team, Can someone listen to my plea and help me get a 24 hour code to test this cheat out? I will explain my case. I have purchased a 24 hour code from one of your resellers but after following the detailed guide i wasn't able to load the cheat. THe support person on the other end had a remote session with me, logged data and opened a request with your devs. The dev then connected to my PC and checked it out, he could not get why the loader would not launch and also descibed that the issue is that my machine is not even sending the request to your server. Th dev also suggeste
  3. Ring-1.io (Destiny 2 pro) Hello, this is my first video and first day with Ring-1. Unfortunately I had only gotten a day key from a reseller as I didn't have enough time or money during the making of this video to add more content into it. Other than that I hope it'll be good enough to the point where other viewers would be interested in buying Ring-1's Destiny 2 pro cheat (I absolutely loved it lol, had so much fucking fun with it) *Also if someone could lead me as to how I would be able to embed a youtube video so I don't have to use the link allowing for a cleaner/smoother
  4. Hi, The loader opens, I can log-in, then it downloads another file and when the program itself tries to open the new downloaded file this message appears: 16 bits app not compatible The app or feature [path_to_file] can't be initiated or executed because is not compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows. As kto manufacturer if exists an available version compatible with 64 bits Windows. Is the first time I see this message, I updated windows recently, attached version and message window.
  5. I don't know whether to buy the cheats. I'm afraid I'm stuck using cheats on only one pc. That would prevent me from playing every other day
  6. Hey guys, as the title suggests I was wondering if my subscription is paused while a cheat is being updated. The reason I'm asking is Destiny 2 is going to be seeing a big expansion with many changes happening to the game, which means the cheat update time is uncertain. I'm trying to decide whether I should buy the cheat now or just wait until a week or so after the new dlc drops.
  7. when i use ring-1 with desiny2 .Will jump to the desktop frequently and game will crash.
  8. So I've seen several post on other sites claiming the destiny 2 pro version comes with god mode for PvE. On this site I don't see it listed. Does it come with god mode on not?
  9. Hello, I have been looking at this for the last couple of days trying to decide which version to get. I am mainly looking to only use it for soloing PvE content as getting headaches over that stuff is annoying. Is it possible to use these to solo a full raid or is that a nope due to the mechanics? If anyone has experience using both versions could you do a pro vs con about which fulfills all PvE content and which makes it easiest. Raids would be awesome to be able to solo. But please leave some good feedback.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsNEBRZLyDY&t=
  11. If I'm running an event or activity that would reset if I died—say, a solo Riven attempt—will the instant respawn feature prevent the activity from resetting? I want to solo the current 1080 Nightfall, but my gear is weak as fuck and I get one-shot a lot.
  12. So, I've been looking into buying the Pro version. and I see in some threads that godmode has been removed from the cheat due to detection, aswell as the aimbot is only for PVP. Is everything else that is in the sales thread such as the following still working and safe to use in PVE or removed? No recoilToggle all weapons in full-auto fire modeRate of fire modifierSkill recharge modifier (unlimited super ability)Unlimited ammoInstant respawn
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