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  1. so we make a zombie lobby and use the guns we want and it will unlock the skins (permanently) ?
  2. So this is not a hard unlock where u can click unlock all button and thats it?
  3. i don't think thats it even the 30.00 EUR is wrong isn't 30.00 EUR convert to $36 USD not $59. I been trying to purchase all day and finally i figured that out like a hour ago that the price is $59 and not $36.
  4. you all don't take paypal either?
  5. and i dont have coinbase or anything else I need a legacy address in order to send.
  6. https://i.imgur.com/vqssx16.jpg
  7. I understand that but all I have is Blockchain and when i try to use it says not allowed so im asking if a staff member can let me pay manually.
  8. Well i would have got this if it was pushed out in early 2020 but its kinda late since ColdWar is coming out in a few days. If this will be possible for ColdWar i would gladly blow $1k on it.
  9. I am trying to purchase destiny with my wallet which is blockchain if a admin or mod can send me a btc addy that would be awesome trying to buy the 30.00 EUR.
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