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  1. spoofer was disabled
  2. Got banned within 10 hours, how do i fix this? reset something?
  3. okay thank you very much, just dont want my new account banned, because i have spent a lot of time on it
  4. 1. Is the cheat undetected? 2. Normal or pro? 3. How many people have been banned with the new battle eye system? 4. I got banned in Aug, but im afraid of getting my new account banned, but want to use ring
  5. Also roughly around 100-200 hours with the hack and havent got banned, and around 300-400 hours afk with the hack and never got banned. Still going strong!
  6. As stated I'm going to review the Destiny 2 Pro hacks, Usage- Around 3 months (Season of the Splicer) Aimbot: 9/10, The aimbot is really good however I figured that when I was using it, sometimes it would connect with dead ghost spectating the alive player ESP: 8/10, as an esp should, shows players all over the map, but also shows spectators, which is not good 😞 Misc: 10/10, everything worked really well with these features even though they are a risk to play with. I tend to stay away from OPK, and Noclip. But I used all the other features such as RoF, Unlimited supe
  7. Hi, I was wondering if the destiny 2 hacks will continue in beyond light? Im currently using another provider but want to switch due to CnD, but let me know if your hacks still work (AKA before i go and buy a intel processor)
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