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  1. *flyhack *no fall *loot through walls *speedhack *multi-search *Movable Self Value and Ammo Counters *added Instant search to Containers *Diff Cham Styles
  2. - Fishingbot - Added min cast distance - Added auto repair - Added min durability to auto repair - Added min repair parts to auto repair - Note: you dont need repair parts for the wooden fishing pole (T1) - Added hotkeys to start the bot - Added option to stop fishing when encumbered
  3. Siege: - ESP- Operator Names added - Player Names added - Gadget ESP | Drones - Frost mat - Breaching Charges - Cluster Charges + Nades - Jager ADS - Barbwire -Settings- General settings: - Alpha scaling on/off, fade gadgets based on distance * - Alpha intensity, increase/decrease the rate of the fading * - Per gadget setting 3D box - Snapline * fading is to prevent screen from clutterin
  4. Gmail Worked for me as well.
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