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  1. Just reset windows should fix, install win 10 1909 for best support.
  2. And you need full VM support for it too, you probably messed up something, either your drives are not correct or your windows is corrupted.
  3. Well if it doesn't support it then how did you set it up? It has to be on for it to load.
  4. Also contact a reseller if you want to buy using PayPal or purchase bitcoin.
  5. Any software that you buy can get detected randomly, just look at any provider, this provider rarely gets detected in rust so you should be fine in apex, given its a lower form of eac.
  6. Yes read the guides for more info, if you can't follow the listed steps then it won't work for you.
  7. I was about to say that too, its pretty obvious given how much its posted everywhere.
  8. You buy from the shop? If you can't buy from the shop, then contact a reseller.
  9. Read through the multiple guides, they help a lot, make sure to follow each step otherwise you risk messing up your computer.
  10. Turn off intel virtualization in your bios, this will disable ring1s loader.
  11. Can say this is true, I tried using ring1 spoofer for rust, got banned after 20 minutes. I used a third-party solution and I was fine.
  12. Great review, I am thinking about getting DayZ ring1 tbh, good to see that its working well!
  13. Well the banrate is dependent on your play style, if you rage hack then expect to be banned, if you play legit on only use esp, then you probably won't be banned for a few weeks, this all depends on you. The cheat is undetected, I have used it for over 2 weeks almost, and can say its the best, I just got another month because of it!
  14. Overall Ring-1 Rust is so far the best cheat I've used and seen, in terms of detection. Some people state otherwise, but they haven't used it themselves or use another provider. I see a lot of people complaining about being banned from Rust and Servers or being called out for using cheats. This is a guide on how to avoid being banned/called out. Some general tips - Don't use aimbot constantly, if you get all head-shots, then you are cheating, can't deny it. - Don't use esp and look directly at players, instead act like a normal rust player and yes it is OK to die, if you die t
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