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  1. Overall Ring-1 Rust is so far the best cheat I've used and seen, in terms of detection. Some people state otherwise, but they haven't used it themselves or use another provider. I see a lot of people complaining about being banned from Rust and Servers or being called out for using cheats. This is a guide on how to avoid being banned/called out. Some general tips - Don't use aimbot constantly, if you get all head-shots, then you are cheating, can't deny it. - Don't use esp and look directly at players, instead act like a normal rust player and yes it is OK to die, if you die t
  2. I personally have never used battlemode, so I can't go into depth on its pros and cons, but I have used just about every other feature. My personal setting's are as follows Full Player ESP - Radar always active, I mainly watch radar as admins can easily spot whenever you look directly at a player in the distance.(Pretty obvious if they are behind a wall or mountain) Inventory ESP - Radius 150 and Distance 400 Aimbot - Max Distance, 150 Radius - I tend to have this completely off, mainly because I can kill players without it. - I tend to keep it
  3. This is my honest review of ring-1's rust cheat. I have used many cheats in the past, and so far this is the best in terms of detection rate. What I have noticed is that full raging, with all features, is still undetected, and that you will only get Cerberus banned, but playing legit, with only esp, aimbot, silent modules, and admin mode, is a very good play style, people just think I'm good and no one really reports me. If I play with everything toggled then yes, I get Cerberus banned and sometimes perm banned manually. Compared to other cheats this cheat isn't plagued by a bad menu o
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