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  1. Also, does the aimbot have any sort of prediction for bows, gauntlets, and staffs?
  2. Does the aimbot target mobs as well as players and can I change it on the fly? Would you guys ever consider adding combos for different weapons and attacks in the game? Is there a possibility of their being exploits kind of like destiny 2 has? (infinite skills, infinite stamina, infinite mana, etc) Will there be a pro version with the above mentioned features if they get made, or will they be in the regular version?
  3. Has this been detected at all? Also, can I use this to level up my character level and my weapon levels? Will I still have the levels even when I'm not injected with my cheat? (I.E. on PS5)
  4. Watching this made me wanna get the cheat, hmmmm this or CODMW19...
  5. Will the forum for this be made any time soon?
  6. Hell yes! I really hope this comes soon because the halo anti-cheat is really bad right now (Only XBL bans now EAC Bans) and there are no other stable Halo Cheats on the market! If it's public I'll buy immediately and if it's private I hope I'll be able to snag a sub!
  7. When was the last time PUBG was detected? I know it's somewhat hard to stay undetected with aimbot on this game so I was just wondering.
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