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  1. A great product. Works extremely well. Just be mindful that constant heads shots on 100% accuracy will get you banned or flagged fast however using just using bodies or hands will keep you under the radar for long time plus keep smoothing down to around 2.2 to 3.5 . keeps those stats legit so you'll be fine. great customer service and a super fun discord. been using for nearly a year now and have friends who have come on board... i highly recommend anyone wanting to use the Chair of death give it a go because it's endless fun and gets you what you need without having to rely on carries. The
  2. yeah i ve been on since Friday night been having a blast
  3. are you guys still playing without any issues?
  4. hey buddy , ive come from perfect aim and i can report the aimbot is amazing compared to theres , however the caveat is that the cheats on R1 cause the game to crash and i mean crash a lot, over 20 times yesterday and about the same the night before. for stability PA wins hands down - the longets ive had stability on R1 was around 4 hrs - PA has never crashed my game... i just hope the devs here can update or do a fix as its really annoying, the misc features on R1 also vary, theres no fly hack or teleport and no walk through walls which i really enjoy. thing is about PA the aimbot used to be
  5. So been having fun nice to meet you all Have a great week
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