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We only support Intel CPU's and Win 10. Our software will not work if you have an AMD processor! ×


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  1. The regular version is just aimbot and esp for pvp. There is no unlimited ammo.
  2. Why would you need access to a loader without being a customer?
  3. All products currently come with a spoofer as stated in the store.
  4. Welcome to ring, we hope you enjoy your stay and decide to get a sub.
  5. We do not provide support for controllers. You'll have to find a third party remapping program like rewasd.
  6. Unless the cheat has stream proof in the feature list on our store, then you wouldn't be able to just force something to not show. A lot of our cheats do not have stream proof.
  7. Forward your issues over to whoever you bought from. You're not a customer of ours
  8. Well, it's marked as testing and not undetected, so you will not be seeing an answer about whether it's safe until it's marked as undetected.
  9. If you have an i5 then it will freeze
  10. Forward your issues to whoever you purchased from cause you're not a customer of ring
  11. Go to the store page and you'll find all of the features listed on rust
  12. Hi there, since you're not a customer of ours; you'll have to reach out to whoever you purchased from to receive support.
  13. Sure, eventually sometime in the future
  14. You don't have a sub so i'm not sure what you're talking about. Even if you did have an EFT sub, we do not do sub transfers. You're stuck with what you purchase
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