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We only support Intel CPU's and Win 10. Our software will not work if you have an AMD processor! ×


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  1. Fallout is not a popular game, even when it first released it wasn't popular. We would not be looking at this game.
  2. Contact your reseller for any issues.
  3. Some people have gotten it to work but we cannot tell you that it'll work or not as it's a third party app that has nothing to do with us.
  4. You can see everything we offer for every single cheat inside the store.
  5. Magic bullet is a detectable feature and will not be added. Forward all your suggestions to whoever your reseller is in the future.
  6. Hi there and welcome to our community! We're glad that you're shopping around and considering us to be your provider. If you have any questions; please feel free to ask away!
  7. And we now present Ring 1's Rogue Company cheat in action!
  8. The winner is [email protected]! Everyone had really nice videos; however only two people had followed the criteria of showing the menu and showcasing it as well! Congratulations to matthew! please send me a pm with your choice of sub!
  9. It means exactly what it says. I'd suggest you call your isp and see what issues they're having. Also; you should forward all of your issues to whoever you bought from in the future. You're not a customer of ours so we cannot provide you with any assistance.
  10. You can never go berserk in any game that's ever made while it has other plays in the same map as you. Destiny hasn't had any software detections; it has all been people either raging, in which they do look at stats AND player reports. Don't be obvious and you'll be fine.
  11. There are no bsod's unless you fail to follow the setup guides.
  12. Don’t rage and you’ll be fine. It is always recommended to use the spoofer so you don’t get hwid banned on your original hwid
  13. Cool, I’m not sure why you’re posting here if you didn’t purchase through us. Contact your reseller with all of your issues.
  14. If you're having issues then you need to reach out to your reseller. Your pc shouldn't be crashing...
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