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We only support Intel CPU's and Win 10. Our software will not work if you have an AMD processor! ×


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  1. Hi there, no sorry but we would never offer a trial. Our prices are actually really reasonable with the security, support, and community that you receive access to, as compared to any other community. The features that we provide in most games that we offer, are second to none. We offer quality and security, and you can't put a cheap price on that, especially on hard hitting anti cheat's and their ever evolving methods of detection. We're not in 2010 anymore, where games were simple and could be cheap. It costs time and resources to keep everything running.
  2. You haven’t paid for anything as you’re not a customer.
  3. Don't login to your main with the banned hwid
  4. You haven't emailed anyone so i'm not sure what you're talking about, and it's Valentines day.. Ya know, the day where you spend time with your significant other. What are you even talking about that the aimbot barely works... How does it barely work? Provide such video of it not working, because there are tons of people using it and not one person has complained about aimbot not working.
  5. You wouldn't be allowed to be overclocked while using ring as it'll cause issues.
  6. I'm not really sure if a processor that old would work that well. PUBG is currently UD.Windows version 20h2 is supported, but the updates that came out on 2/10 (yesterday) are not supported yet
  7. Yes we are the original devs. Battlelog buys from one of our resellers and then tries to resell it on their own. Raven is not cracking down on anything except the noobs at AA or EO.
  8. There’s a very visible red banner that clearly states that it’s for INTEL ONLY. I’m not sure how you missed that.
  9. It was last detected a few months ago. It’s been a while
  10. You have to manually pay every single time, it's not automatic
  11. Yes this is the official website for Ring 1. I don't understand the last bit of your question regarding resellers.
  12. We will update the prices once you have an actual eft sub.
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