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  1. Frost

    Day Z

    it works on every servers ?
  2. Buy BTC, problem solved ?
  3. Welcome man ! That doggo avatar is perfect !
  4. pm him, he may offer it, but not on his thread.
  5. I guess i will have to test the game after this review ^^
  6. All the cheats need windows 10 1903 minimum. So yeah it will work.
  7. We are up and running ?
  8. Many of them will get you banned. I personally stick with only debug camera.
  9. The esp Friendly outline happens only when you join a game that is already started from my experience ?
  10. Frost

    BF5 Menace

    Just a reminder, this gentleman is running a giveaway ^^
  11. No, streamproof features are actually broken right now.
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