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  1. does destiny 2 normal loader have unlimited ammo feature?
  2. i just do it few runs until it drops and then im done lol..aint running it back haha i got 61 total on warlock arms lol
  3. Okay thanks. I'll use it in it lol
  4. does using ring1 in doing solo lost sectors gets you banned?? can anyone confirm it please
  5. oh na na lol..i aint a PVP guy..i use it only in pve lol
  6. Alright thanks. So according to you it's better to wait a little more than to use the cheat now?
  7. oh okay so you wanted to tell that these all got banned cuz they used other cheat providers than ring 1 and cuz of that they all got banned?
  8. so i wont get banned then ? since i used it on solo flawless dungeon
  9. oh okay. i just solo flawless prophecy only..only once tho lol..never touched pvp with it tho
  10. i am thinking to buy d2 pro key again since i havent bought a single key in this new dlc but saw people getting banned using this in new dlc. so can someone help me and shed some light on this? did the ban happened cuz of manual reporting or automatically detected ??
  11. Do the same thing which made you run D2 for 2+ hours? What did you do tho?
  12. crashing will be there with every game if your using cheat tool . its rng crashing lol plus its still safe and works in new dlc too. buy it and use it . its amazing lol
  13. I have been using ring1 since last 2-3 months and no ban or warning even. Just use it like normal but ya don't do crazy stuff in front of randoms lol
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