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  1. Ring-1 does not offer cheats for fortnite nor do we discuss other providers that do.
  2. Instructions on how to use loader: https://ring-1.io/forum/topic/1826-ring-1-injection-guide/
  3. Be patient, that payment method can take a few hours to fully process. We have no control over that. You will know the transaction completed when your forum role changes to customer.
  4. Truthfully though, with D2 PRO, it's overkill without pve aimbot, seriously don't need it. We give you: infinite ammo infinite supers & infinite grenades (recharge rate) increase rate of fire on weapons (which MELTS bosses) speed cheese fly cheese no recoil. OPK (which teleports enemies to you lol) It's overkill bro, you won't be disappointed.
  5. No not possible, we only offer 1 week and 1 month subscriptions. We do send out friendly reminders before your sub is up so you can renew. ?
  6. You would have to contact your reseller for support. We can only provide support to those who purchase from us directly from our store.
  7. At this current time, no, maybe in the future it's a possibility.
  8. Create a ticket on the website so we can assist you: https://ring-1.io/forum/support/
  9. https://ring-1.io/forum/topic/1826-ring-1-injection-guide/
  10. Open command prompt as admin and type: diskpart (hit enter) list disk (hit enter) select disk 0 (hit enter) In the command, make sure to replace 0 for the drive # that you want to wipe and clean. If you choose the wrong one, you could end up wiping out the wrong drive. Proceed with caution and make sure you BACKUP anything important to you like documents and/or pictures. clean (hit enter) exit (hit enter) Repeat these steps for all drives for a fully clean pc. Do not disport clean your usb flash drive if you have a fresh windows iso on it. He
  11. No, ring-1 will not unban your current account. What you can do is clean your pc (with a pc reset preferably using diskpart in command prompt) connect to a vpn and download the game again, generate a new hwid seed, spoof your drive using ring-1, and play on a new account. Hope this information helps.
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