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  1. There's nothing to uninstall, just delete the loader and reverse any of the setup steps you did.
  2. 20H2 is fully supported. 🙂
  3. This thread was created last year, and the other one who you replied to was created 4 months ago lol Your bump game is strong my friend.
  4. We pushed an update few hours ago, reboot pc and try again.
  5. Try using something else other than hotmail or yahoo. and for your paypal question, take a look here: https://ring-1.io/forum/topic/31-ring1-purchase-cheats-here-paypal-bank-card-cc-western-union-alipay-steam-skins/
  6. No it does not, you would have to downgrade to an earlier version of windows.
  7. Don't use hotmail or yahoo as those can sometimes cause problems.
  8. As Berserker stated, only customers who purchase from our official store can receive access: https://ring-1.io/forum/store/
  9. Ring-1 does not offer cheats for fortnite nor do we discuss other providers that do.
  10. Instructions on how to use loader: https://ring-1.io/forum/topic/1826-ring-1-injection-guide/
  11. Be patient, that payment method can take a few hours to fully process. We have no control over that. You will know the transaction completed when your forum role changes to customer.
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