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  1. Hello Will Leave You Guys & Girls A Review For Costumers And New Users : Aim : 10/10 Aim is really really strong such for legit and rage , the fact that you can change the smooth when you are getting watched by a enemie is amazing , you can easily kill someone like far away from you aswell Esp : 10/10 You have Enemie Esp , You can see the blood type of Npcs the weapons and ammo is simple and clean , radar is really good aswell ! About the chair : well we are on ring 1 so we can expect the best of the best chairs and features , the product is really fully completed maybe thinking in
  2. dont use the spoofer for now , use only when is fully updated 🙂 stay safe
  3. @Blueline8282 if you see that you are getting same issues you can try a different payment or a resellers Cheers,
  4. @A.T.Scontact a exchanger look for one
  5. @DDRS1 you more then good to go buddy im been testing everything PVE PVP raids etc , since the last update and im fine have fun ❤️
  6. im using everything @ratingnate
  7. you can im been using , but like the status says is " use at your own risk " ❤️ enjoy
  8. @asd845958020i will recomend you to wait , for the devs to see what is gonna happen , for security reasons i will sugest you to wait buddy
  9. Hello buddy we need to wait and see hows everything is gonna work , because we never know we might be safe we might need to be more legit , lets see this weekend
  10. @huangfanhaiyou can always check the status here , ❤️
  11. @Framework is why i love framework , this is legit the best answer 😄😄 RING-Numba#1
  12. im master allready @J3sterand got some cripsy snipes 😄 ring 1 for life brother
  13. Lets Slay That Splitgate once servers are up , im almost Master once i get that will make a video aswell slaying on Master !
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