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  1. R6 has just updated - Crashes should now be fixed!
  2. Dead By Daylight is now marked as undetected
  3. Character Esp: - Added: - Player customizable outline. Esp: - Added: - Breakables. - Firecrackers. - Phantom traps. - Wake up (dream) objects. Draw line to waker structure if the player is in a dream. - Glyphs. Draw line to glyph if the player is the target. - All objects: customizable outline. - Totem: - Show hex totem. - Window: - Do not show when it is blocked. Misc: - Added: UNLOCK ALL CHARACTERS!! - Enabled the option to disable skill checks. - Enabled perfect skills. (reserved is untested).
  4. Bloodhunt cheat has just been released! - Aimbot: - Prediction. - Extra (legit) settings when being spectated - Character Esp: - Players - All npc's - civilian color is based on bloodtype. - Object Esp: - Loot container - Resurrect altar - Loot esp: - Types: default, common, uncommon, rare, epic & legendary. - Types filter. - Grouped together for a clean screen. - Misc: - Weapon: - No spread. - Radar: - Players - All npc's - civilian color is based on bloodtype.
  5. Discord is for Active Customers only.
  6. You can use it fine without the spoofer.
  7. Unfortunately we won't be able to assist you with this, you'll need to contact Wyre as they are the payment processor
  8. There is a form you can fill it in which you can find on these forums. Look for the reseller form.
  9. Please make a ticket.
  10. Please refer to this LINK to see if your Motherboard/CPU is compatible. If your Motherboard and/or CPU isn't listed here please reply to this THREAD here
  11. Mr Bean


    Rust is not streamproof.
  12. As the previous answer stated, it all depends on how you use the cheats. If you wish to RAGE, expect a fast ban. Play smart and you will dodge Cerberus/EAC
  13. Your CPU it supported however it's on the low end so expect crashes and stuttering.
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