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  1. I have 500+ hours on this current account, I have a 17.2 k/d, just dont make it obvious.
  2. Unfortunately I only had a week sub so I cannot verify but I think @999Juice would have solved my issue. I was putting the smoothness all the way down....
  3. I dont think this is the issue, I have set my mouse to lowest DPI. I will try adjusting in game settings but it feels more like a issue with the aimbot. It targets them for like a split second and then bounces off of them, it never locks on the target.
  4. I cant seem to get the aimbot to lock in individual people in DAYZ, it jumps all over but never actually locking on someone. I have tried it with and without the lock on target option. Same results.
  5. This mod Steam Workshop::DayZ-Expansion (steamcommunity.com)
  6. Yo does the DayZ cheese support MODS pretty easy question....................
  7. Does DayZ cheese support the mod DayZ Expansion?
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