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  1. There been 2 cases at the moment where people have gotten striked with a delayed ban. I got banned after 2 weeks after coming back from a 1-2 year pause. it maybe was like a year or so since i used D2 Pro. and then after coming back from the pause i got randomly banned after 2 weeks. i'm not saying that D2 Pro IS the reason, but i suspect that BE is checking past stats or devs and mods are checking members on this site. but i would proceed with caution and use it with your own risk. AGAIN, I'M NOT SAYING THAT D2 PRO/BASIC DID CAUSE THESE BANS DIRECTLY. BUT I'D RECOMMEND USING IT WI
  2. Hello everyone! Game enthusiast and senior graphic designer with 15+ years of experience. Mainly use D2 pro because the game is a shitty grind fest and can't stand the mundane repetition of quests. if you are interested in my portfolio just DM me and ill link it. Hope y'all a good day and some good cheatin'!
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