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  1. Are you sure about that? It's a "Destiny 2 Pro" feature so most people don't even have access to it, even if it was available. If anyone buys it without being verified they're simply lacking common sense. Those who are verified are educated enough to know it's not available and I'm sure they'd still buy it. Ring-1 doesn't scam. Think before you post.
  2. Very nice! I think this was a great addition to the site.
  3. Awesome. That'll make things go a lot more smooth. Thanks, I look forward to playing again?
  4. Hello, I'm notacheater. I just joined about a week ago and I'm not gonna lie... I've known about Ring-1 for quite some time. I'm not sure why I took so much time to finally check out this site but I regret waiting so long. I've bounced around many cheating communities but have never found one I could stick to. In the week I've been here, the experience I've had with the available cheats has been non-comparatively better than other communities. I even feel motivated to make posts on the forums which is rare! lol. Anyway enough about Ring-1 ? I've taken up cheating in video games as a
  5. After only 6 hours of using the Deadside ebook, I have learned enough to make this review. This is mostly due to the simple and well organized menu. Enjoy! Aimbot : 7/10 - The Aimbot is the worst part, but still not bad at all. It points in the direction of the enemy but the sway makes you aim away at longer ranges. However, it works really well at short to medium range if you crouch. ESP : 9/10 - The esp is very smooth with little to no s-s-stutter. The item / loot ESP works very well and is easily toggle-able with Battle Mode. Misc : 7/10 - All of the Miscellaneous
  6. Oh look! A respected cheat website! Time to spend way too much money ?

  7. *A wild notacheater has appeared*

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