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  1. Good luck, God Bless, Now you have been put in Activation's Radar as it state's possibly detected.
  2. No keep uninstalled or you will have problems, Also, Contact the reseller for any more question's. Website support. is for Website customer's.
  3. when you are on Exfil, you have to uncheck the boxes that you have ticked or the game will crash,
  4. Welcome Emily/Empty, I have deleted the other post's, Sorry about that. I shall now lock the thread to prevent any other unscrupulous reply's.
  5. Krypto


    And next time you want support, buy a sub from the website xD.. Members.. will not get support.
  6. Please retry the loader again from the website, delete the old one.
  7. Yes we know people are getting banned, Half got hit, Half didn't, so it would seem like a ban wave.
  8. No and there are no plans for it either.
  9. Krypto


    your reseller does have this info, they have everything we do.
  10. bans have been for like 2 day's up-to 2 weeks, it all depends on what IW gave you for the infringement.
  11. Seems all fine for me, If you activated or equip any dev item's and you get caught, (by killing an actual IW Dev or someone of importance) then you risk a shadowban,
  12. please open a ticket and we can send you a link via ticket, As you are a sub holder, you can have access, Non sub holder's, don't have access to the discord.
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