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  1. People only get detected it they go mental and think they are god on a server because they have cheatos, if you play like you normally do but with the added bonus of this, you will be fine.
  2. Then talk to your reseller.. You are not a website customer..
  3. Welcome to R-1, remember, if you buy direct from the website then you get access to our support and discord, if you buy from a reseller then the re seller is your support team, Best option buy direct, its faster, quicker and more direct :)
  4. create a support ticket on the website please 🙂
  5. That would be a negative, Intel PC Only.
  6. No.. Only Ring 1 Products as we don't even sell Fortnite.
  7. As soon as one BTC confirmation goes through, then you will change to customer.
  8. Congrats Bro, You are the Champion of my Giveaway.. Funds are in your dashboard. 🙂 Thanks to All that entered.. More Coming Soon.
  9. run the loader that is more in size, you are still trying to run the old loader.
  10. Welcome, Thanks for the feedback and feel free to ask if you require anymore help.
  11. Hi Guy's. Today fellow gamers i will be doing a give-away of 7 day's of PUBG. How To Claim If i'm the Winner: Go to you're profile and Economy Dashboard, And you will see the Giveaway Funds in you're Dash. Entry Requirements: Step 1) Reply back to this post, Step 2) Like this post Step 3) Send to some friends who would Join Ring-1 and get them to join us on the dark side. xD Step 4) Join Discord Link if you cant find it https://discord.gg/Kx5p99z Step 5) React to the Giveaway post in Announcements And Chill Out and Wait. 😛 ENDS 15TH JULY 2020 Good luck People
  12. Please buy from the site xD.. don't know how a non direct customer could request features :), But.. any how... its in some games..
  13. Welcome to the community ma dude, feel free to ask around if you require help or anything, i'm sure experienced users here will also help. 🤘
  14. You can buy direct from the site with BTC, transfer to paypal to BTC wallet and you are good to go, and cheaper as well 😉
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