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  1. Nice revieuw bro keep it up ! And let the kids cry cuz you cheat ! Cheating is the future
  2. keep it up i like what i seeee
  3. Wassup guys its your boy Legendary1337, excuse me for my terrible english. ive been using ring-1 for a few weeks. and i love the cheats ! its the best one there is and if you are considering this cheat. than i hope my video shows u what u can do and makes u want the cheat aswell Enjoy my terrible english and labs run ❤️ peace boys Legendary1337 is out
  4. Hello boy's. i had a few questions. i saw some problems with rust. is it working atm ? who do i need to contact to pay with paypal. Do i have to do all weird kind of shizzle in my bios to set it up ? is my hardware ID being protected ? or do i need to spoof it by an external spoofer from somewhere else ? and how long do you usually last without getting banned if u play somewhat save. like ESP and aimbot only no recoil changes and stuff. thx for the reply in advance and i hope to see u fellow cheaters soon.
  5. xD looks funny. but uhm i guess u aint last long with that account if u continue like that xD
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