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  1. There are support tickets for a reason. Error 80 means you didn't follow the setup guide.
  2. No we do not do stream proof for anything.
  3. They aren't using ring1 then as ours isnt stream proof
  4. Interesting because our software isn’t stream proof so I’m curious how you know for a fact that people are doing it when it’s not supported officially. If you know for a fact that people are doing it, why don’t you ask those people you know who are doing it? I would love to know as well too
  5. Updated to latest patch
  6. Ask whoever you bought from.
  7. Mr X


    You don’t have an active sub so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.
  8. We are fully aware, and we have no control over a email provider blocking us, so I'm not sure what you want us to fix. If you block a friend, that friend can't force you to unblock him.. Same concept.
  9. Loader issues have been fixed and tested by multiple users this time. On top of fixing the issues; the developers have made a tool to fix any black screen issues without having to reinstall windows. Download the attached file, unzip it to a USB directly; boot from the USB; wait 1-2 minutes and then restart your pc and it should be working again without having to reinstall windows. bootfix.zip
  10. Ah good catch, forgot about that entirely, thank you
  11. when we change the status to undetected from detected. There are never estimated times given here.
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