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  1. Nothing of which you mentioned is possible/will be added. If you didn't buy from us directly then forward all of your suggestions next time to whoever you bought from. Instant respawn works just fine.
  2. We have just pushed an update to fix some of the crashes encountered.
  3. So whenever you pay online with a credit card, the number gets a score. If you have a bad score, you will get denied from some places, and that is what is happening here. They've deemed your score as too low and that you're a high risk of scamming them so they don't even want to take that risk. So your only options are to use btc or to find a reseller
  4. Find a new wallet and pay attention next time, or you'll forfeit the entire amount. You don't go to the store and not pay them fully. Same exact thing applies here.
  5. this is actually super important. Please actually read things. We literally have a status page for a reason. For those who use Destiny 2, our spoofer for Battleye has been down for the past 30 days. Bungie just introduced Battleye. Please use your brains and put 2 and 2 together. If Bungie introduced Battleye and our Battleye spoofer is down, then obviously don’t use the spoofer. This may seem like a joke and kinda stupid but there’s actually people who are still using the spoofer and complaining and making stupid comments. This actually hurts us when other uninformed people read it. We
  6. Thank you for the review; however in your misc features review; you can't really deduct points for those because there is no such thing as magic bullet in EFT, nor is there a door unlocker anymore.
  7. Please do not post here asking for help if you did not even buy from us.
  8. Please do not use this website if you are a resellers customer. Contact your reseller for all your issues. We will fix it when we fix it. We do not give out eta's ever.
  9. You can always read the store pages of products instead of creating threads asking
  10. I5s will give you performance issues
  11. Idk why you made a thread when it says to create a ticket.
  12. I’m not sure why you created a thread just to say that you can’t use any of the payment methods. If you can’t use any of them then there’s nothing anyone can do for you.
  13. Nothing of ours is ever permanent. So the answer is no, it doesn't carry over because it's not really unlocked.
  14. No because it's marked as detected. Please look at the status page.
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