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  1. no it means that it checks if a player is on your team and vis check is just if they are currently visible on your screen it will allow it to lock onto them, so no locking on through walls kind of thing
  2. just reduce your fov on the aimbot itll reduce the chances of it aiming to them but its not a 100% fix
  3. yeah i have been using the misc a lot i use it all except for the otk thing cause i dont understand it and i havent used insta respawn cause i just dont ever need it. I use those settings to do everything from grandmasters to raids to dungeons and just general play BUT i only use them when im by myself in the area or with select friends
  4. i mean ive cheated extensively but hes got a point ive slipped up but luckily it was only in a patrol so nothing bad really happened and no one noticed
  5. 1. yes its undetected 2. depends, pro is something you can use to help you in pve and pvp while the normal mainly is just for pvp i think, ive only used the pro one 3. im not even sure but battle eye hasnt caught me yet 4. just use it in solo things or dont act too out of pocket and youll be fine
  6. i have used the cheat for pve so extensively i mean like 100% for ability and super and 100x firerate and infinite ammo, i have used it for raids and everything and i have not been banned, but i also play only with a select few people and i dont solo anything crazy for pvp i would mainly just use walls and sometimes aim, i never touch any of the settings with fire rate or no recoil if im playing pvp.
  7. you can use a reseller to get it if you cant purchase using just the store
  8. You can use the flyhack and speedhack holding it, its just buggy and can be delayed but ive had more luck by using it while jumping
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