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  1. You will never get it stream proof.
  2. Doesnt let you save your settings, aint no way it gone to let you switch profiles
  3. To be fair, it is greyed out on the store page... Despite being a usable item the last time I used ring 1.
  4. It used to exist in the base version, just locks the number you choose in the mag. I haven't seen much on here about d2 and users being banned though.... I would expect 'oddities' to be picked up quicker though. Until people start saying its all good, no bans, no crashes, I'm not risking it...
  5. I had the same, I had faulty RAM which got switched out and apparently that warrants another bit of ££ It is pretty annoying you dont get 1 'hwid reset' for free. You could go the long way about it and fake all your hardware IDs to the same as you had before but I don't even knnow if that will work as expected, I only deal with networking side of things, hardware support died years ago.
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