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  1. There's no such thing as rust pro. We used to have two different kinds of rust cheats but decided to combine them into one. There is no speed hack/ no clip for any rust cheat.
  2. Create a support ticket to receive an invite
  3. If you purchased from a reseller then you can contact them for anything that you are looking for. We only provide assistance to customers who have bought directly with us. Resellers provide their own service and community
  4. You need to be a customer to get access to the loader
  5. Make sure that you report any bugs to whoever you bought from.
  6. Maybe in the future but not any time soon.
  7. Once you become a customer feel free to make a ticket so we can troubleshoot while you’re experiencing it
  8. Whoever told you that is a bit daft. You cannot last months while raging, in fact you’ll be banned rather quickly. When you’re raging, you’re going to get an astronomical number of reports and sooner rather than later; they’re going to clap your cheeks. but yes the spoofer works fine to mask you
  9. No. You cannot join our discord. Only our customers can join it.
  10. So you did not buy from us, and in fact bought from a random website and you’re asking us for a refund? Can you tell me how that makes sense to you? No where on our store description does it say stream proof for d2. do not come here for issues when you haven’t purchased from us. Go talk to whoever you Bought from
  11. No, you cannot. That chip is so old and garbage that it’s only selling for $30. I would highly suggest upgrading. Xeon are not meant for gaming
  12. You're not even a customer so how were you banned after 4 hours? Makes no sense.
  13. Then you will have to find a reseller to buy from
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