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  1. i dont know how safe it is, but with my times with battleye i usually last a week top before getting banned, but then again, im using speed hack/unlimited ammo so that probably explains, but id be careful just using for esp, because ive had 3 tarkov accounts solely used for esp and not killing get banned within 3-4 days, but thats just cheating for ya! always chances to get banned doin anything cheating
  2. just load up the cheat, let computer reset, then reload cheat again, load the cheat for the game, open the game and youre ready to have fun
  3. i wouldnt say any hack is "Safe" but i see it as use it at your own risk, i seemed to not get banned on Tarkov for not using speed hack alot less than if i did but i still ended up with a ban, but most of them have safe mode options to have a "Safer" cheating environment
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