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  1. yeah lemme try this shit on siege
  2. Yes in addition to what this user said you can't really solo raids but you can do grandmaster nightfalls and just about any normal PVE experience. I've been using it for 3 months so far and D2 PRO is by far your best option if PVE is your favorite thing.
  3. I believe so yes. On 7/28 an announcement came out saying that ESP still works after the latest update.
  4. They are compatible with 2004 but not the July 26th update (latest). And neither of them have been detected as of yet.
  5. Just a few clips showcasing the Apex menu. Will have Rogue Company and MW19 coming soon.
  6. Also don't use crazy settings on the misc. options. You will get banned for that for sure.
  7. dove

    Destiny 2 PRO w/dove

    yeah so after 2 months I've compiled some good clips with some trash tier editing, enjoy. song is My Shit Bang - E-40 [/
  8. Try this and see if it works: open cmd prompt and type in shutdown -r -f -t 0 and then on restart, try loading it again
  9. yeah the method they have in discord is a little too fleshed out for me and this is the method i've been using for a long time (2016)
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