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  1. All our EAC games (Rust, Apex, Rogue, HLL etc.) are officially Undetected! We also added Beta support for Windows 11, so if you want to test it out, you can update your Windows. Users who have not been able to use one of the EAC protected games while the cheat was Undetected have been reimbursed fully. Big Discount Don't forget to use the 50% discount code EAC when you purchase or renew Rust, Apex, Rogue or HLL! This discount does not have an official end-date yet, so it can end at any moment.
  2. admin

    1000x More EXP in COD: Cold War?

    We removed day purchases, you can only do / week now.
  3. We have released the PRO version of the COD: Cold War cheat! Its exclusive feature is the ability to multiply your EXP gained on both your character as your weapons in Zombie matches up to 1000 times... You will no longer waste hours to level up your weapons and character, instead it will be seconds 😄. All this for a super low price starting at 40 euros! You won't find this elsewhere.
  4. admin

    NEW CHEAT! Hunt: Showdown

    We now offer a fully featured cheat for the game Hunt: Showdown! It contains Player and Item/Object ESP, but also some Misc features like No Sway and No Spread! Check it out now in our store:
  5. We have released new features for our COD Cold War Cheat! See below for the full list of new features: NEW FEATURESUnlock All SkinsUnlock All Weapons Unlock All Attachments Multiplayer Lobby Zombie Lobby God-mode (lobby) Unlimited Ammo (lobby) Unlimited Cash (lobby) Speed hack (lobby) Instakill (only for zombies)Teleport (only for bots)
  6. We have decided to merge all features from our Modern Warfare Unlock All Cheat to our regular one. This means that our regular Modern Warfare Cheat now contains the following features, for free: UNLOCK ALL Weapon camos Operators Weapon blueprints Vehicle skins Emblems Calling cards Watches Kill moves Unfinished Developer skins!
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