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We only support Intel CPU's and Win 10. Our software will not work if you have an AMD processor! ×


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  1. Our cheats come with a working spoofer for R6, so your HWID will never get banned. You can play without a ban using our cheats + spoofer.
  2. Talk to your reseller about.how to change seeds / clean traces. They are the one who should.help you 😉 I already gave you a quick hint why you getting banned
  3. Now after 2.0 (Next-Gen) has released we have many users who previously had issues now play completely fine. With more FPS than ever before! :D
  4. MW is 100% safe at the moment and screenshot cleaning is working, tested myself just few days ago on brand new account :D
  5. Welcome man. I am sure you will like our cheats <3
  6. We never have had a detection on Destiny 2 :)
  7. I am afraid you will have to re-install Windows entirely when you consistently get Error 6. It means your Windows installation is not in the state it is supposed to be.
  8. Rust PRO got merged into the regular Rust cheat. Features such as full fly-hack without kick are now available for you, together with full silent farming, silent auto collecting, auto heal, auto revive and auto door, and a lot more new toys for you!
  9. The software was safe, it just got detected 9 days later which if you have played even only 1 day then, you will get a ban. It doesn't mean that is also was detected prior these 9 days.
  10. Cheat currently is undetected. You have to contact your reseller for help on what you may be doing wrong. We cannot help you since you did not buy on the official website.
  11. Now that we have released our BattlEye security update on all our cheats we are back to being 100% fully undetected on all our cheats! Including Escape From Tarkov! We have some cool updates planned in the coming dates for these games too, stay tuned on the Cheat forums!
  12. Yes you can use it op 1909
  13. Check the homepage for cheat status
  14. We have added real-time information about the status of our cheats to our homepage. We also have a dedicated Status page: https://ring-1.io/forum/status/
  15. Please post a picture of the BSOD screen.
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