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We only support Intel CPU's and Win 10. Our software will not work if you have an AMD processor! ×


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    Hello, dear customer, to buy balance in EUR through PAY PAL, at the best price? just follow these steps: * If you have any questions, send a PM. 1 - Read: REFUND POLICY and: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 2 - Copy the form below (yellow). - My profile link: - My Pay Pal email - I want (Quantity) EUR - By sending this message, I affirm that I have read and agreed with the refund policies. 3 - Click on my name, to enter my profile, select the option "message", paste the form, and fill in your information. 5 - Now just wait, I'll answer as soon as possible 🙂 --------------------------------------------- ----- --------------------------------------------- ----- --------------------------------------------- - *** REFUND POLICY *** - When you buy I pay immediately as fees to Pay Pal, in addition, I will put the balance in the forum wallet and it costs me. - So understand that, for no reason, you can request a refund. - Thus, no payment can be refunded and YOU AGREE TO THAT BY PURCHASING. YOU AGREE TO THAT BY PURCHASING. YOU AGREE TO THAT BY PURCHASING. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- *** SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS *** It is your responsibility to verify that your computer is compatible with our products. Requirements: Windows 10 version 1903, 1909 or 2004, Intel processor only! Your disk must be divided into GPT and your BIOS must be in UEFI Your processor must be compatible with INTEL VIRTUALIZATION technology. You can check it out here: https://www.intel.com.br/content/www/br/pt/products/processors.html Make sure to check the status: https://ring-1.io/forum/status/ If you find it necessary, call me on Discord: RC#1000
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    COD: Cold War has just been released and we now offer a full cheat for it. Below are the listed features: PLAYER ESPHighly configurable! Death check Team/friendly check Bones Distance Visibility ChecksAIMBOTHighly configurable! Visibility checks Bones Smart bone selection (can aim at the nearest visible bone if preferred bone not visible) Humanized smoothing Lock target FOV Multiple aimkey configurations Hardware emulated mouse aimbot (very safe!) SCREENSHOT CLEANERNo risk of screenshot detection!HWID SPOOFER No risk of hardware bans!
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    So this is working pretty well, but are you guys going to add Aimbot support for Zombies? I would really love that feature for this cheat.
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    i was haveing similar issues if u wanna try run one i can help add me on discord EXODUS_THRASHER#7691 i no how to do it
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    Hello. Please, add in your cod mw cheat obs bypass for maphack. it's very useful thing. Please,add this function with next update. Thank you
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    Replied within a good time frame, provided excellent service and had balance given quickly. +rep
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    You'd have to reinstall windows. You can try using it as some people don't have issues with it
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    Just purchased, super quick and smooth transaction. Reseller is very friendly - 100% recommend.
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    Yea, good idea! I would be glad to buy this
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    +rep fast easy service. Would recommend and will definatly use again. And fuck European fees.
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    +rep Easy communication and fast! Recommended! 10/10
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    Amazing service, very friendly and great communication! Transaction was very smooth and easy!
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    We only officially support 1909 and 2004. Some users have stated that they're on 20h2 and haven't run into issues.
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    Super fast. Payment process was incredibly smooth.
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    amazingly fast with adding me on discord 10/10 recommend for users wanting to use PayPal
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    Super fast and helpful 🙂 10/10 would recommend!
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    The PRO version contains everything the regular version also has to offer only it has some game breaking exploits which we only want to make available to an exclusive group of users. Here are the new features added ! Flyhack Noclip Speedhack Teleport OPK (One Position Kill) Have a nice fun ride in Destiny 2, Ring-1 Team.
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    was patient with with every step of the way +rep
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    Any plans to have some of these hacks working for AMD? i'm after a D2 hack but no point in buying if it's not gonna work.
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    why would you want aimbot in zombies ;-;
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    I wish i could
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    We now officially offer instant purchase of all the products in our store (https://ring-1.io/forum/store/) using Credit/Debit Card (VISA and MasterCard). Additionally we also offer Paysafecard and Apple Pay.
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    Added him on discord, haven't had the chance to say Hi to him and he spoke to me. Settled paypal amount - he will charge a fee for the amount you want to top up as per other sellers. And I'm waiting for the balance to be loaded into my account. 10/10 service!
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    thank you so much for everything bro was all good ? and fast
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    Yep it's updated. Using it right now in the Beyond Light campaign
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    sounds pretty retarded 2 me so ill take it
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    It is retard-proof. It is just checking the checkbox in the Menu and then everything is unlocked instantly
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    It is retard-proof. It is just checking the checkbox in the Menu and then everything is unlocked instantly ❤️
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    Fast, reliable and helpful. Thank you for the swift transaction.
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    Looking for a quick way to pay through paypal, i HIGHLY recommend. Very fast and responsive and even made it easier on my end!
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    Good question, the RING 1 policy states that: Any period, longer than 24 hours of inactivity of the cheat, will be returned to the customer. Hope this helps ?
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    transaction went well great guy would recommend purchasing anything of this reseller 100/100 ?
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    when i use ring-1 with desiny2 .Will jump to the desktop frequently and game will crash.
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    AMD is not currently supported, however, there are plans for AMD releases, Just we don't have a ETA as we are so busy with the customers on Intel at the moment.
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    Once you become a r-1 member, we have a great guide you can easily follow to get around the ban with a new account.
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    You never have to worry about who's a reseller if you just buy direct from us ?
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    hello, could you tell me your discord or msg me your steam code? im looking for other ring 1 players to play destiny 2 lol to be on safe side and have more fun in nightfalls or raids lol
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    Hello everyone! We are looking for a lucky and talented video editor to create attractive videos that'll catch future customers eyes'! Here is what we need from you: Please create a thread identifying it as a video editor app here: https://ring-1.io/forum/forum/17-post-your-application-here/ Please include your Youtube/Vimeo channel as a link List all experience in creating and editing videos Include a link to other providers that you have previously done work for and your profile link on those sites. We also would like our video editor to come out with their own Ring-1 video intro's and also include links to our website in the description and in the video. Please have a transparent ring-1 logo embedded into the middle of the video to prevent video copying. Please note that this is not a paid position; but rewards will consist of sub time to the cheats. We are looking for experienced users only. We would like to see videos showing off features, and showcasing the cheat in action at it's prime!
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    hey buddy , ive come from perfect aim and i can report the aimbot is amazing compared to theres , however the caveat is that the cheats on R1 cause the game to crash and i mean crash a lot, over 20 times yesterday and about the same the night before. for stability PA wins hands down - the longets ive had stability on R1 was around 4 hrs - PA has never crashed my game... i just hope the devs here can update or do a fix as its really annoying, the misc features on R1 also vary, theres no fly hack or teleport and no walk through walls which i really enjoy. thing is about PA the aimbot used to be bang on but teh devs nerfed it i belive to protect their playes i assume ? ( speculation) but all tahst doen is drive their players over here who are quickly learning about the long ass steps you have to go through in order to get their stuff to work. i wish PA and Ring one could have a baby with all teh fetaures combined and massive stability. im going to try again tonight but if the crashing continues liek this moving forward ill not be renewing this servoce until the crashing is fixed. I will say though in closing teh misc features on r1 are godly.. tehy are so much fun to use.. melting riven in 1 secon flat was awesome and covering PVP in a million rockets is so comical..
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    Coming from Perfect Aim and decided to try out Ring - 1 after my subscription to PA ran out. Ring - 1 is absolutely INSANE. Aimbot is 10/10 but is VERY easy to get carried away with it. I don't use anything else in crucible except ESP and the aimbot, but doing my first GM nightfall with the misc options made it a cake walk. Buying Ring - 1 can be a little bit of a nightmare but I highly suggest going the BTC route. I knew nothing about buying BTC or how to buy ring-1 with it, but if you follow the provided guides it makes it REALLY easy and fast. Only had to wait about 5-10 mins after purchasing the BTC and buying ring - 1 with it. If anyone is thinking about buying ring - 1 and needs help (BTC route) please don't hesitate to PM me and I can guide you through it step by step. Overall: PA - 6/10 Ring 1 - 10/10
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    This is a bit pricey unless it carries over and nonetheless, there is a tool available for this so. I guess if I am going to critique it, I should give some candy for its users though.... Every time you equip a calling card, save it to Favorites then hit Randomize. Now you can keep those 10 Calling Cards (AND Emblems) to the account to sell ?
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