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    Hello video gamers To celebrate the UK's messed up get paid for no work system I'm giving away a 1 week subscription! And best part, you choose what sub you would like! Siege, EFT, RUST, D2 up to you! To add some juice, I will also be giving away a free account with the sub of your choice (unless its a free game) so you can go ham for a week if you want to 😄 (this excludes EFT) Entry Requirements: Step 1) Like this post Step 2) Comment which sub you want to win Step 3) Spread the word that I'm amazing Step 4) Pray to the RNG gods of the cheese world. Ends 5th August 2020 Probably gonna do this monthly now aswell so always more chances :D Good luck gamers
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    think he scammed us for likes and comments
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    Yes in addition to what this user said you can't really solo raids but you can do grandmaster nightfalls and just about any normal PVE experience. I've been using it for 3 months so far and D2 PRO is by far your best option if PVE is your favorite thing.
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    Now after 2.0 (Next-Gen) has released we have many users who previously had issues now play completely fine. With more FPS than ever before! :D
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    Hi Guy's. Today fellow gamers i will be doing a give-away of 7 day's of PUBG. How To Claim If i'm the Winner: Go to you're profile and Economy Dashboard, And you will see the Giveaway Funds in you're Dash. Entry Requirements: Step 1) Reply back to this post, Step 2) Like this post Step 3) Send to some friends who would Join Ring-1 and get them to join us on the dark side. xD Step 4) Join Discord Link if you cant find it https://discord.gg/Kx5p99z Step 5) React to the Giveaway post in Announcements And Chill Out and Wait. 😛 ENDS 15TH JULY 2020 Good luck People
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    From my research the fallout 76 anti cheat is pretty much non existent and i think would be fairly easy to code. The benefits are huge lets say ur doing a challenge and someone starts wrecking your base u can zoom over and stop them also the aim in this game is fairly hard compared to others. i Have 5 clients who would purchase right away and we can only go up thank you and have a wonderful day
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    There's a rather invasive WARNING on the top of this webpage that should have answered that question for you. We only support Intel CPU's and Win 10. Our software will not work if you have an AMD processor!
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    You could use it to solo the Eater of Worlds raid if you have a boss checkpoint and know what to do. Scourge of the past if you can juggle everything in that encounter ( (X) Doubt) Last wish (Queenswalk) if you are using a net limiter. Riven if you got the 'pro' option. Otherwise stick to pve content excluding raids. Unless you have a team that acccpets the 'Hive magic' you're about to use.
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    Features (8/10) The cheat has a lot of good features, pretty much all the basic ones. I wish it had some more and a few aren't functional (rapid fire). Triggerbot leaves a lot to be desired. Menu (10/10) Easy to navigate, looks good. QOL (6/10) Wish the loader saved my credentials after logging in. Wish I didn't have to restart my PC when using the cheat. Everything else is good, not that many requirements and easy to setup and use. Crashes do happen sometime for what seems to be no reason at all but that too often to be extremely annoying. Detection () Will update this section when I have used the cheat more.
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    They are compatible with 2004 but not the July 26th update (latest). And neither of them have been detected as of yet.
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    And we now present Ring 1's Rogue Company cheat in action!
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    With this website and service ring-1 provides, they only give live active support to those with a live subscription directly with their service / site of Ring-1. They do this to limit their need to help people directly to customers only, improving the quality and time-length of the help or until someone gets help. It's also separated due to resellers, as people who buy through a reseller does NOT get official support, but support only through their reseller, and their resellers services. I will tell you this though, I have had many issues with ring-1 over my time of being here, each and every one was promptly fixed and I've never had long-term issues. If you do wish to try out Destiny 2 again I suggest you buy on-site, and issue a ticket to get the help you need. If something is up to where it just CAN'T be fixed, i'm sure they will work something out with you. They are not out to rob you, they are here to provide a high quality service, which includes good customer service.
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    There are no bsod's unless you fail to follow the setup guides.
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    thanks ! i chose deadgame PUBG
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    Thanks spi 13, very kind of you during a tough time money wise for all of us. Destiny 2 is my baby.
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    EFT I've got a shrine in the corner of my bedroom I'm praying to now big boy
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    Hello and welcome to our community! 🙂 The regular Rust and Rust Pro got merged together so there is only 1 Rust version available where you have all the good stuff in! 😄
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    Im really glad to be part of this community! I really like testing all kinds of cheat! Now im looking for Rust Pro and MW! Thanks for having me! 😁
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    yeah so after 2 months I've compiled some good clips with some trash tier editing, enjoy. song is My Shit Bang - E-40 [/
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    I'm approaching the end of a 1 week purchase as a new buyer and here are my thoughts 😃 Visuals/ESP - 7/10 - Some decent customization over just being a rectangle on the enemy player, such as toggling on/off for teammates, and it displays enemy names, but I couldn't get the health bars to work. There is an unfortunate bug where if you join a match that is in progress your own teammate might have one of the enemies markers on them and this causes the aimbot to target your teammate. You need the match to finish or to leave to fix this. Sadly there is no PVE markers for enemies and as a PVE player I think this is a slight oversight. If the bugs could be fixed and PVE option could be considered I'd increase the score. Aimbot - 9/10 - This thing is POWERFUL. With that comes the responsibility of you to tweak it to look natural as the default settings are very rage. A FOV exists which the aimbot operates within, larger for more noticeable and smaller if you want to appear legit and have to do some aiming yourself! I'd say the two most important settings are smoothing and aim bone. Smoothing set at 1 by default is total rage, I'd recommend 3.5-5 to appear more legit. The aim bone on head simply means head. Non-stop headshots 😲 I'd recommend switching to chest. I tried the hand option but it basically just led to headshots? Unsure if this is bugged. Ring-1 allows two independent key toggles for the aimbot to become active. Not always being active on right mouse click is good to have as an option. Sadly, again, there is a lack of PVE option here. NPCs aren't targeted. Much easier to simply be good and aim in PVE though, but still, something that could be worked on. Due to that and what I think may be a bug with the hand aim bone, 9 instead of 10. However, as I opened with, this is an outrageously good aimbot. Which most people will be looking at Ring-1 for 👍 I don't even think the NPCs can aimbot in PVE as good as this 🤣 Misc - 10/10 - This is what I primarily decided to try Ring-1 Destiny 2 Pro for. As above I have used the aimbot, but I'm more of a PVE player and oh boy, this is insane. I read prior to purchase that Ring-1 used to have a god-mode and it was detected (disabled now), but it simply isn't needed. Even for flawless runs, misc is crazy. You've got no recoil, automatic for all guns and then the sliders 🥰 Rate of fire, spell recharge and ultimate recharge are 😎 Instant supers? Check. Instant grenades? Check. Equipping Whisper of the Worm and having it act like a 900RPM assault rifle? Check. And to top that off? Infinite ammo, meaning you never need to reload 🤑 Those settings are pure rage, I would NOT use any of them in PVP. However, I guess, if you only slightly bumped the slider for ultimate and spell recharge you could get away with it. Infinite ammo though means a gun never reloads, which would stand out in PVP. I have not used it in crucible myself, but I did do a few rounds of gambit with infinite ammo checked and it works! There is a minor bug with sword ammo, sadly it doesn't work with infinite 😭 The only weapon type however, and it's one of the most generous with ammo. The last option is infinite respawn. Great for doing solo content where a death would normally kick you back. Your death still counts, so it does invalidate flawless runs, but if you can't go flawless with infinite ammo and a Whisper of the Worm that melts champs and bosses in a second, 😅 You press the respawn key for it to activate, it doesn't automatically activate the second you die. I bought Ring-1 for these settings and I am delighted. Solo flawless content with my hands behind my back and max out end-game mats 🤠 Couple Ring-1 with the Destiny 2 play solo trick and you can even do strikes and some planet content without anyone around - https://anonfiles.com/1dI44eu4of/D2-Solomode_ps1 (firewall port blocking script, its safe). It stops matchmaking working so you load into most things solo. Detection - N/A - With the way this works, constant updates on the site and more I feel safe to say the only way you're getting banned is raging and being reported. For a PVE player like myself, simply not doing anything silly when in a fireteam is all I need to be mindful of. Playing solo? Go wild. The only tip I have here is when grandmaster NFs start again (not running right now), remember they have limited deaths. Destiny 2 is a stat tracking monster and the main way people are banned is Bungie looking at their stats after they get reported a lot. Probably less so in PVE, due to the fact natural glitches and even god mode bugs have existed in-game before, but the GM NF revives to me is risky. I'm not scoring this as I truly believe it's on the user and the devs will always react to detection updates. Value - Subjective 6/10 - I wasn't going to score this, like with detection, but this is a personal review so I did in the end. I don't have the most disposable income in the world, so that is my bias here. For what you get, it's basically leading the market. The misc section for PVE players is unrivaled. While there are other aimbots, besides some bugs here with ESP, I don't know how they could be any more accurate/powerful. Due to me being a PVE player I felt the need to buy PRO, the standard version is more of an affordable price, but it's mainly featuring the aimbot. I know most people will be more than happy with the standard pricing and using the aimbot, but for me I'll probably have to stay with one off 1 week spells with the PRO version and wait to see if it's ever rolled into one standard option. The complexity of the software and the features the devs have managed to create are definitely worth whatever price they set, within reason, but as of now it's somewhat outside my personal price range for continual use. Stability - 5/10 - Undoubtedly, this is the part which needs the most work. I'm aware of a new version in the works for Destiny 2, but I am playing with what is current as of this date. There is a very detailed setup guide in the customer section of the forum which helped get me up and running, but I still have the odd BSOD when injecting. Not much of an issue though, as it wasn't that frequent. The main issue with D2 is in-game, especially if you use the MISC settings. I would say I would average around 1-2 hours of play before a crash to desktop. Not a BSOD or any need for a reboot, and Ring-1 stays injected so you can simply reload the game, but this was consistent over the past week. When not using MISC it seems to crash less frequently, but it still happens. I guess this is the cost of safety, given the way Ring-1 works, so absolutely no unfair criticism aimed at the devs here. However, honesty is always important pre-purchase. Expect stability issues with D2, as things stand. Lessen your potential issues with reading the guides on the customer forum and using discord for further help. Overall - 9/10 - An amazing piece of software that I will use again in the future, but hopefully then it's a little more stable/bug free and the price more affordable for me. Still, EVERYONE has to experience the MISC section in PVE. Get that Whisper of the Worm ready and watch champions/bosses melt away. Just stay safe and don't rage in silly places if you don't want to be banned/the users of Ring-1 to draw unnecessary attention to the software. Have fun Guardians!
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    The esp Friendly outline happens only when you join a game that is already started from my experience 😉
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    Hi there! The screenshot cleaner is included with the MW hack already. Play on borderless/windowed mode and you still continue to be safe. The counter is counting how many times it has automatically cleaned the screenshot and basically "saved" you. If you are playing on a new account then we suggest you should play like a regular normal player. Don't be tracing players through walls or getting a crazy KD or SPM. You will get screenshots randomly regardless of what you're doing, it's just their anticheat checking every person. However it also takes a screenshot when you get reported as well, so just be sure that you're not "rage hacking." Some settings that have allowed me to stay under the radar are; 30 FOV 9-11 Smoothing. Good luck in your journey! Remember that manual bans are a thing!
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    You need a remapper to do it. One of our key user did it this week-end ^^ Ill get in touch with him so everyone knows how to it it ! So basically - No our software does not support controller by itself. - With a remapper, you can make it work, but it needs some tweaking here and there 😉 Hope it answers your questions @guz
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