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    Hello, dear customer, to buy balance in EUR through PAY PAL, at the best price? just follow these steps: * If you have any questions, send a PM. 1 - Read: REFUND POLICY and: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 2 - Copy the form below (yellow). - My profile link: - My Pay Pal email - I want (Quantity) EUR - By sending this message, I affirm that I have read and agreed with the refund policies. 3 - Click on my name, to enter my profile, select the option "message", paste the form, and fill in your information. 5 - Now just wait, I'll answer as soon as possible 🙂 --------------------------------------------- ----- --------------------------------------------- ----- --------------------------------------------- - *** REFUND POLICY *** - When you buy I pay immediately as fees to Pay Pal, in addition, I will put the balance in the forum wallet and it costs me. - So understand that, for no reason, you can request a refund. - Thus, no payment can be refunded and YOU AGREE TO THAT BY PURCHASING. YOU AGREE TO THAT BY PURCHASING. YOU AGREE TO THAT BY PURCHASING. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- *** SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS *** It is your responsibility to verify that your computer is compatible with our products. Requirements: Windows 10 version 1903, 1909 or 2004, Intel processor only! Your disk must be divided into GPT and your BIOS must be in UEFI Your processor must be compatible with INTEL VIRTUALIZATION technology. You can check it out here: https://www.intel.com.br/content/www/br/pt/products/processors.html Make sure to check the status: https://ring-1.io/forum/status/ If you find it necessary, call me on Discord: RC#1000
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    Used BTCPay on Sunday and got confirmation that funds were transferred out of my wallet but so far my sub is still expired and invoice is pending. I have an open support ticket but no response for 2 days since mgmt escalation. First issue I've had with you guys /feelsbadman
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    Is anyone else having issues with Destiny 2 aimbot? It doesn't seem to be working at all no matter what settings I use. Esp works fine but aimbot isn't doing anything. Any help would be appreciated
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    Use bitcoin if you're having issues with any of the payment methods. Other than that, there's nothing we can do for you.
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    same here man I'm having the same issue especially if you're living outside of the United States or Europe it seems like you're sort of forced to go to the resellers for help but no one is active my best recommendation try the resellers just message all of them until one of them reply is and maybe they can help you get it I'm also having the same issue was you hope this was useful
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    This is my honest review of ring-1's rust cheat. I have used many cheats in the past, and so far this is the best in terms of detection rate. What I have noticed is that full raging, with all features, is still undetected, and that you will only get Cerberus banned, but playing legit, with only esp, aimbot, silent modules, and admin mode, is a very good play style, people just think I'm good and no one really reports me. If I play with everything toggled then yes, I get Cerberus banned and sometimes perm banned manually. Compared to other cheats this cheat isn't plagued by a bad menu or lack of features, this has all the features needed to play the game well, the menu is amazing compared to other menus I have seen in the past, it has a large amount of customization, with their being custom distance settings for about everything, and amazing boxes, allowing for a much smoother play style. So far after 8 days, I have not been banned at all, and can say that this is one of the best cheats on the market for people looking to rage or legit cheat. I would recommend buying this, it's probably the best and with its high-tier bypass, easily comparable to private solutions.
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    There will more than likely be freezing issues with your i5. There is a discord but you need an active sub to get into it =\
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    Since last update aimbot is not working properly. You get red line wher pressing aimbot-button, but you stil need to aim yourself. That's not what I've paid for)
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    We will update the prices once you have an actual eft sub.
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    You're probably the reason I'm going to buy it when its UD! Hopefully soon
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    I am having the same issue. I have used in the past and it works fine. Now it doesn't even track to players at all. Like no aim assist whatsoever. Any help with this issue would be appreciated
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    Hello. I want to buy a cheat with paypal. can you help me ?
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    I looked around for quite a while, being very picky as to which one I wanted to try and then I found these guys. The menu and features are amazing. You have the ability to basically fully control every aspect of how you want things to be for fov/smooth aim/lock-on keys, specific lock-on targets, group color esp, names of players and much more. What makes this really stand out is that it apparently hasn't been detected in a long time. Sure people have been manually banned for raging or being super obvious I guess (or maybe some rare occasion of not being so blatant and getting banned) but for the most part, it's pretty solid and undetected. if you set your config correctly and match realistic settings and don't trace people through walls and use visibility checks, don't have item esp enabled (realistic searching of loot... not just running straight to the goods every chance you get) you should be fine and good to go. I personally recommend using esp only and your own aim. If you want to get master/predator, that's the best undetectable approach. You can also sometimes use the aimbot in some situations but obviously don't ever use it if you got people spectating you. Just keep in mind that having too high of a KD or other crazy stats is what will get you banned. Ratings: Aimbot: 9/10 (too bad it doesn't have triggerbot, otherwise it would be an easy 10/10) Player ESP: 9.5/10 (if it had a bar color based on enemy's armor type, it would be an easy 10/10. still very solid though) Item ESP: 7/10 (felt a bit clunky due to how much was rendered in (don't see a range limiter) and there was several issues with the glow esp which allowed you to actually see the items through walls etc as if you were Loba but that caused instability (BSOD/game crashes). After a few of us reported that it caused these issues, it was removed. Hopefully it makes a return with it working properly and without these issues. Either way, I wasn't a big fan of item ESP for the above reasons. Stream Proof mode (aka external and not shown on OBS etc): 8/10 (seems good but has caused game crashes from time-to-time. If this gets fixed in a later update, this would definitely be a very high-tier feature.) observers: 10/10 (without a doubt one of the best features this "mod" has. god-tier) Price: 10/10 (I'm giving it a 10 due to the fact it hasn't been detectable for however long and because it has numerous features that just makes it worth it. It also comes with a HWID spoofer (which I don't use but good for people who have been previously banned and looking to start over)) Overall, I rate this an 8.5/10. With a few adjustment, fixes and perhaps the above mentioned feature changes/additions, I could see this being bumped to a 9.5 or even a solid 10. I'd say give it a 7-day run and let me know what you think if you're unsure or skeptical about it. After your 7-day "trial" period, you'll surely get the 1-month plan.
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    Ring- 1 Support Role Trial Now OPEN Hello fellow applicant's who want to help our community, I'm Krypto (part of the support team) and want to thank you for taking the time to read this application process. Let's get started. First of all, Support are part the community who help other's in need, Take time to listen to people and diagnose problem's, are available to test updates and give feedback that will help fix the problem. What's required of me? - We want trusted and devoted support users. So.. Don't take this as a lie down application form. Ensure you give time and love to your applications! - You need to be 18+ (we want our support community to be mature and reliable) - You have to be an active member of this community. You have to already have had to familiarise yourself with our setup process and diagnostics process. "Please, Please, Keep in mind that we do not expect from you to become a slave of any kind. Yes, we want active people, but this does not mean we pick people who only slave around 24/7 on this site helping others. We just want solid, genuine kind people." Now you know enough about what we want/expect or need, If you think you have what it take's to be part of our ever growing community, look at the application form below. Application Form. - Who are you? Sell yourself to us as a person! (Name / Age / Field of work / Country / Etc...) - List all the cheat providers you used in the past (or are currently using). Describe your experience with them. - Have you been involved in other communities? (Supporting, selling, creating videos, etc...) - What are your expectations from us, as the service provider? - Who told you about us? Who vouched for you? - Breaking any of the rules will get you permanently banned. Do you agree? - Please name your processor below. (i.e. i9-9900K) How to open an application? Copy and paste the application form above. Open a thread with your name in the thread title here: Application Form Example: Thread Name: Bilbo Baggin's USE REAL NAME ? Fill in the questions, please make sure to take your time. If you are selected as a candidate, then we will reach out to you. Afterwards go to your user profile page, take a selfie (make sure we can clearly see your user profile on your computer screen as well). If the account is blurry, as long as we can see you signed in.. Jobs Good.
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    Sometimes it just takes a little bit man. Don’t restart your whole pc lol. Worst case jump into one game and finish it. By the time you are done it should have loaded. Sometimes are quicker than others, but I never had to reset my whole pc.
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