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We only support Intel CPU's and Win 10. Our software will not work if you have an AMD processor! Γ—

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  3. It won't be with Ring -1, And if so, then he will be a very very few that has been, R-1 is UD and has been for a very long time now πŸ˜‰ And for future reference, there will be no talk of other providers while you are here at Ring -1.
  4. AMD is not currently supported, however, there are plans for AMD releases, Just we don't have a ETA as we are so busy with the customers on Intel at the moment.
  5. I have an AMD processor and cancelled my initial purchase because I noticed the green banner stating only Intel cpus are supported. Mobile banner notices did not appear because of a Google chrome setting, my bad there...but I tried to find on the forums why only Intel is supported, and if AMD actually works. If someone could please point me in the correct direction for these answers or just advise me if AMD does or does not work it would be appreciated. IMO, It just seems that with the current state if the consumer CPU market, AMD is the prevailing chip manufacturing/seller. With AMD not being supporting supported it is cutting out a large portion of possible customers.
  6. Nice choices, I've used it for rogue company and my experience was flawless.
  7. Once you become a r-1 member, we have a great guide you can easily follow to get around the ban with a new account.
  8. You’re not even a customer. Mw has nothing to do with rust as well. If you bought from a reseller then forward your questions and concerns to them. We only deal with direct customers of the website
  9. They're literally on two completely different platforms.
  10. Hi I just recently logged into steam and got a message saying I was game banned on rust..Ive never cheated in rust and only played it twice in the last month.i do use the mw cheats and was wondering if that had anything to do with my rust ban?
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  12. Nah its not detections, its ip adres, if you play on bunch accs and get baned from same ip, all accs are conected, so you ned like one or 2 reports and you get baned after kiling someone, best to use difrent ip and clean traces beefore loading new acc....
  13. We are not EO. Like admin states we haven't had a single detection since launch. I've been playing constantly and never had any issues. We also have a screenshot cleaner to fight against their anticheat.
  14. He doesn't have a sub to ring, he's asking if our spoofer will bypass it. You need to diskpart clean your drives and reinstall windows then use the spoofer and you'll be fine.
  15. Thanks, Im gonna be buying it for rogue company and mw :)
  16. We did not get detected since launch. You can be manually banned if you rage too hard.
  17. EO = Refrain from mentioning other cheat providers. Same here....I got banned using this provider, and I wanted to know if Ring is safer then others. Don't wanna play with 100 accounts out there
  18. using Ring or another proovider?
  19. I believe he is spreading false information. I have not seen EAC get hit once on this new gen. someone correct me if I am wrong though.
  20. First thanks for all the answers. Very good to know that Admins can see a demo of me thats really good to know πŸ˜„ Last detection 2 - Days ago ? is this normal ? how long was is UD before ?
  21. The prices are in euros, but if you're paying with USD, it'd be converted to euros. Use BTC to save yourself the headache / fees that come with other methods of purchase. I typically buy off resellers but it becomes such a pain nowadays.
  22. Admins can quite literally download a demo viewer off you, seeing everything you've done in a certain amount of time. As such, unless you're going full blatant, play as if you're being spectated 24/7. From what I've heard, the work around to this would be to alt-look when you're using ESP. The demo viewer doesn't pick up on alt-looking, as such, it's the easier way to look through walls and shit without being noticed. In terms of aimbot and recoil dampening, use in moderation.
  23. You can use all functions without being banned, just use responsibly. For example: I always hit 1 arc HS with SLIENT AIM, and then I continue the PVP without using assistance, that makes me LEGIT. I was never banned with this tactic. You need to make plays and think, that if it were you on the other side, would you report it or not? If you disguise it well, people will defend you hehe.
  24. Hey everybody what's good. Just made my account today but haven't pulled the infinite ammo/no recoil/aimbotted trigger on anything yet as i was a tad bit confused on the payment processes as this is only the 2nd place i have ever been to for these "fun little add-ons". I came here because i got kind of tired of sites only offering some "tame" hacks and by tame i mean just the seeing others through walls and aimbot. Yeah those are very useful and pretty cool the first time you really use them but i wanted something that would let me go a bit crazier like "infinite ammo" or "no recoil/ no spread" or like in the Destiny 2 cheats case (the one that might be my 1st buy) infinite ammo, instant super recharge and ability recharge, saw that you guys had the good stuff like this then immediately made a account on the spot. All that being said like i mentioned before this would be only my second "hack site" i have ever become a part of so if no one minds me asking my questions here (don't want to be annoying and post this if there is a place the admins would rather ask this stuff in but here goes) and lending this greenie a hand with how it all works here on ring-1 especially in regards to buying my 1st cheat and how the whole payment thing works here and the whole using it after purchase part that'd be awesome. I noticed the prices list "EUR" so are they all in the European Pounds? or is that this site's own kind of currency like the "Steam wallet" for steam would be? and if it is in pounds and not some in site currency will it auto convert my payment cost from pounds to dollars? If it is a in site currency i'd assume i just use real money to get the in site currency then use that to buy the cheats right? I also noticed the "and 60.00 EUR per 7 days" so there's a initial purchase then it auto charges every 7 days from the initial purchase like a subscription would. So if its just charging 60 pounds then i'd assume it would charge me that same 60 pounds every 7 days directly on my card? and if its a in site currency then it would require me to continuously buy the 60 EUR for the in site currency then? Can i cancel the sub at any time too? And if i bought the D2 pro cheat and the Dayz one are they both in the same software that i can just flip flop between or is it a separate "hack" i have to download for each game on each sub i buy? and i'm assuming if i run out and don't renew a sub i keep the software used for it but it just wouldn't "work" until i renew the sub right? Thanks for your time and again sorry if any of the questions were dumb and have been answered before, hope to be solo'ing raids (since i'm a dirty solo player and Bungie hates us) and making kids cry on trials of Osiris with you guys soon.
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  26. esp is fine but if you use aimbot or other thing you will got banned in 10 min last detection 2 days ago
  27. J3ster

    Quick Hi

    Nice to meet you homie, with ring-1 destiny is a cake walk LOL
  28. Uf i heard a lot that it is really hard to cheat in rust never tried it myself yet but i want to... i would only go for ESP noAimer and noMisc cause i think thats proply the most obvious things in the game. i just wanted to ask some quick question 1. Is the Detected - Updating - Updated tab refreshed permanently saw many providers which had those things as well but even if they posted in forum that something isnt working rn this checks always stand on working. 2. when was the last detection from rust cheat ? 3. is there anything special i need to know when i cheat in rust ? greets erkiii sorry for bad english btw
  29. Nice to meet you! Hopefully you join the intel cheating world over here πŸ˜‰
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