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  3. Detections are few and far between for Rust especially, Ring handles EAC well. Rust also likes to throw updates randomly in the middle of the month, and the devs are always on it super quick, almost always up in a couple hours. This doesn't mean you can go rage on a server and not expect to get reported a lot very fast and banned quickly, and this is true for any cheat since the Cerebrus update. That being said, you can last 100's of hours on an account if you play smart.
  4. Last detection was about 2 months ago. They then completely re-worked then loader and have now gone almost 2 months UD on every game. 🥳
  5. I couldnt get into it when i was subscribed and now my sub is out.
  6. People only get detected it they go mental and think they are god on a server because they have cheatos, if you play like you normally do but with the added bonus of this, you will be fine.
  7. Then talk to your reseller.. You are not a website customer..
  8. WALL friend is showing up with enemies, this bug is boring, they are not going to fix it, we pay monthly I want a solution
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hey there! topic says it all, just wondering when the last detection occurred for rust and the overall detection history!
  11. Finally concluded 😂 Daddy'sGirl has received his prize. Now that I'm familiar with the process, the next one will be a lot smoother 😂😂😂
  12. Last week
  13. Yes. Are you in the discord? If so. Message me there Cala#4479 and ill hit you back if not claimed by Daddysgirl.
  14. Yet again no response from winner. 🐌🤦‍♂️ @DaddysGirl you won redraw. You have 24 hours, message me to claim.
  15. OH SHIT 😞 I got no notification and been working heavy.
  16. When the update is complete. No ETAs. Its done when its done.
  17. As much as I love the game. Its a dying game with a small demand for cheats given there are so many providers. Its highly unlikely but 🤷‍♂️
  18. No reply from Love4Roosters in 48 hours so re-drawn result. @kyupro Congrats, you won the redraw. Please message me within 24 hours to claim.
  19. Haha, nice video, you fucked up that server 🙂
  20. Teqzi

    Ring-1 | Rage Hacking

    You kinda went hard on em, not gonna lie lmao
  21. Welcome to R-1, remember, if you buy direct from the website then you get access to our support and discord, if you buy from a reseller then the re seller is your support team, Best option buy direct, its faster, quicker and more direct :)
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