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We only support Intel CPU's and Win 10. Our software will not work if you have an AMD processor! ×

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  2. 20H2 is fully supported. 🙂
  3. havent used in a long time, does d2 support 20h2 or do i need to downgrade
  4. Ahh okay cause front page displays a feature saying it prevents flyhack kicks and that happens with spidermaning / no clipping. And still advertises about getting into rust pro that's why I asked as It was a bit confusing. Thanks!
  5. There's no such thing as rust pro. We used to have two different kinds of rust cheats but decided to combine them into one. There is no speed hack/ no clip for any rust cheat.
  6. use protonmail ,others block it not sure why
  7. How do you get access to rust pro by chance? Also does it include a speed hack / no clip that doesn't kick you for flyhack violation? Was looking for more info on it as I am very interested but when I click to see about rust pro it brings you to a error page? Thanks!
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  10. Fair enough. I know some brown products support both but just not blue. That’s why I asked. Thank you though.
  11. Create a support ticket to receive an invite
  12. I know for a fact that you do not support AMD for your software. Is this the case for just the standard Destiny 2 item as well? The non-pro version. I do know Pro requires Intel but wasnt sure about the standard.
  13. I bought from this store am I able to join the discord please ?
  14. god

    paypal ?

    You would need to find a reseller that accepts PayPal, however, due to people charging back, a lot of resellers stopped accepting PayPal. Keep in mind that if you do decide to go with a reseller, we will not provide you with support and any and all problems should be dealt with by your reseller.
  15. is there a way to buy with paypal ?
  16. If you purchased from a reseller then you can contact them for anything that you are looking for. We only provide assistance to customers who have bought directly with us. Resellers provide their own service and community
  17. I got it from And i need a good config for it i can even show proof
  18. This thread was created last year, and the other one who you replied to was created 4 months ago lol Your bump game is strong my friend.
  19. use steam to remap your controller its easy and no third party app
  20. or how about just remapping you buttons on steam lol its the easiest way smh
  21. You need to be a customer to get access to the loader
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