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We only support Intel CPU's and Win 10. Our software will not work if you have an AMD processor! ×
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    • It won't be with Ring -1, And if so, then he will be a very very few that has been, R-1 is UD and has been for a very long time now 😉 And for future reference, there will be no talk of other providers while you are here at Ring -1.
    • AMD is not currently supported, however, there are plans for AMD releases, Just we don't have a ETA as we are so busy with the customers on Intel at the moment. 
    • I have an AMD processor and cancelled my initial purchase because I noticed the green banner stating only Intel cpus are supported. Mobile banner notices did not appear because of a Google chrome setting, my bad there...but I tried to find on the forums why only Intel is supported, and if AMD actually works.  If someone could please point me in the correct direction for these answers or just advise me if AMD does or does not work it would be appreciated.  IMO, It just seems that with the current state if the consumer CPU market, AMD is the prevailing chip manufacturing/seller. With AMD not being supporting supported it is cutting out a large portion of possible customers.     
    • Nice choices, I've used it for rogue company and my experience was flawless.
    • Once you become a r-1 member, we have a great guide you can easily follow to get around the ban with a new account.
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