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NEW FEATURES: Cold War Cheat



We have released new features for our COD Cold War Cheat! See below for the full list of new features:

Unlock All Skins
Unlock All Weapons
Unlock All Attachments
Multiplayer Lobby
Zombie Lobby
God-mode (lobby)
Unlimited Ammo (lobby)
Unlimited Cash (lobby)
Speed hack (lobby)
Instakill (only for zombies)

Teleport (only for bots)



Recommended Comments

Omg i purchased the bot lobby yesterday and. Now I see this , can I at least  get an extension on my key,  I mean I spent alot of money on the bot lobby ,?



And is this permanent feature 

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Guest Hakari Jamal


hello guys, i need to buy this chean boundle what  ever price does not matter. but i need to 1 time payment. there is possible or not?

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